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Earthquake Insurance

The Importance of Earthquake Insurance


People who reside in earthquake-prone zones are often encouraged by governmental agencies to purchase this kind of insurance. Should a severe quake that measures a higher number on the Richter Scale occur, those who are protected by good earthquake insurance can file a claim and receive compensation for repairs and the rebuilding of homes and other structures. With this protection, buildings that house businesses can also be covered for earthquakes.

Who benefits

Earthquake insurance is designed for those who live in areas that are prone to seismic activity and is available for commercial, industrial and municipal structures.

How it operates

Insurance providers conduct comprehensive studies on the geography surrounding residential and commercial properties that are covered by policies such as these. It is important for insurance providers to thoroughly understand the seismic data on a given area. Properties that are prepared with the incorporation of such measures as advanced dampening systems in their foundations will often qualify for notable discounts with this coverage. Engineers will also assess the foundations and other building components that are prone to damage when a violent quake strikes. It goes without saying that real estate that stand nearer to fault lines comes with more costly insurance premiums.

Different kinds of coverage

The most important aspect of this insurance is the provision of funds for the rebuilding of structures that are damaged or destroyed during an earthquake. Aspects of properties such as foundations, load-bearing walls and rooftops are often the parts of a structure that must first be repaired or fully replaced in the aftermath of an earthquake. Personal belongings inside an insured structure can also receive protection from damage caused by a trembler.

Big benefits

Those who obtain this insurance can receive a myriad of financial benefits if their homes and belongings are earthquake damaged. This insurance can often mean less stress and more peace of mind in facing the constant threat of a quake in states such as California. It is even possible to receive compensation for physical injuries that are the result of falling debris during an earthquake. Ask an insurance agent about good earthquake insurance today.